Welcoming new artist, Sherren Comensoli.

Welcoming new artist, Sherren Comensoli.

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Sherren Comensoli: A Contemporary Artist Creating Captivating Landscapes

Artist Sherren Comensoli

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest artist Sherren Comensoli, a self-taught full-time Contemporary artist who has been making waves in the art world for the past 15 years.

Sherren's artistic journey began in northeast Victoria, where she was raised before making her way to Melbourne in 1991. There, she honed her creative skills and completed a Bachelor of Design at the prestigious Melbourne School of Design (RMIT). Starting her professional career in Retail Design and Visual Merchandising, Sherren developed exquisite window displays for David Jones' iconic flagship store in the heart of Melbourne's Bourke Street mall. Her talent and expertise then led her to work as a store design consultant for various clients.

Today, Sherren resides in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in leafy Camberwell with her two children. Since 2006, she has dedicated herself to painting as a full-time artist. Her passion lies in creating beautiful living spaces where her art takes center stage. Sherren's unique approach extends beyond painting; she also serves as an interior styling consultant, utilizing her own artworks to curate personalized and poignant room settings for her clients.

Willow Bend by Sherren Comensli

Sherren's paintings predominantly reflect landscapes, capturing the essence of nature in a contemporary translation. From majestic rocks and gum trees to serene ocean views and breathtaking mountain scenes, her preferred subjects evoke a deep connection to the environment. With a masterful technique, Sherren employs multiple layers, gradually building up her paintings to achieve depth and complexity. She fearlessly experiments with her painting style, guided by her instincts and the creative voice in her head. This pursuit of innovation and authenticity allows her to set new trends in the art world.

One of Sherren's notable collections is her Botanical series, which invites viewers to experience a dual perspective, intricately intertwined. Through her artwork, she presents both the "gods view" – a bird's-eye perspective over the land – and the frontal view that allows us to immerse ourselves "within" the environment. The black lines in her paintings represent hidden meanings, mapping out fence lines and borders, emphasizing geographical lines and connections. Meanwhile, the intertwining branches symbolize unity, reminding us that all living things are connected physically or energetically. People, nature, animals, and the land – all interconnected through a neutral energy network. Sherren's intention is to bring the outdoors inside, offering a transformative effect, particularly for those living in city environments who yearn for an escape to nature.

' APPALACHIAN TRAIL ' by Sherren Comensoli

It's worth noting that many of Sherren's painting titles are named after places that hold special memories for her, adding an extra layer of personal significance to her art.

We are incredibly excited to feature Sherren Comensoli and her mesmerizing artworks here at The Interiors Assembly, we have been talking on and off for many years, and now the timing is right! Her ability to capture the beauty of landscapes and translate them into captivating contemporary pieces is truly remarkable. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply appreciate the transformative power of nature, Sherren's paintings are sure to captivate your heart and spark your imagination.

We are also pleased to offer commissions of Sherren's artworks. get i touch with us if you love her painting style and would love something for your home or office in a specific colour or palette. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Sherren's latest works and exhibitions

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