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Let me introduce you to the stunning original oil artworks by Vanessa Encarnacao.

If you've been following our gallery updates for a while, you will no doubt recognise her stunning creations. 

Vanessa is an emerging contemporary Australian painter celebrated for her remarkable works and one to remember. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1975, Vanessa has quickly gained recognition for her exquisite still life creations. We are proud to have collaborated with Vanessa now for a couple of years and love to showcase her talent to art enthusiasts worldwide.

One of my personal favourites from her collections are her stunning 'lemon' series of works, where she masterfully combines Marimekko bold patterned fabric with ceramics to create visually striking compositions. We have a beautiful selection of works on the website available now in a small 33 x 33 cm framed size, priced at $645 each.

Her skillful use of oils breathes life into each artwork, resulting in vibrant and engaging pieces. Through meticulous brushstrokes, she captures the essence of her subjects, infusing them with a lively spirit and a touch of whimsy. Her attention to detail is evident in her small-scale works, which possess an intimate charm that captivates viewers.

What sets Vanessa apart is her unique ability to find beauty and inspiration in the ordinary. With a keen eye, she transforms everyday objects into extraordinary artistic expressions, infusing her scenes with a sense of joy and playfulness. Whether it's a simple bowl of fruit or an artfully arranged display of cups and saucers, Vanessa's art radiates a vibrant energy that sparks delight in all who encounter it.

The global art community has embraced Vanessa's talent, with her works finding their place in private collections across Australia, America, the UK, and China. This widespread recognition speaks to the universal appeal of her art, transcending cultural boundaries and resonating with diverse audiences.

We invite you to join us in immersing yourself in her vibrant world, where each brushstroke tells a story and evokes a sense of wonder. Allow her art to transport you to a realm of joy and inspiration.


Become a collector of Vanessa's available artworks here.


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