1. How much are your design fees?

Our pricing varies based on the project, typically charging an hourly rate or a combination of fixed and variable fees. Styling pricing starts from $225 per hour. Each of our styling and decoration services are priced differently. 


  1. Do work on large and small scale projects?

Yes, we have worked in the building and interiors industry for over 3 decades and love a big project.  We work in both the residential and commercial space that includes, renovations, new builds, retail and all sized developments .  We work locally, including Melbourne and regional areas, as well as remotely and worldwide. Book a call with me to discuss your project.  


  1. Do you pass on trade discounts?

Yes, we pass on some trade discounts where we can. However, if goods are at RRP, direct purchase may be best. Discounts vary by supplier. 


  1. Do you offer interior design shopping days?

Yes, we offer personalized shopping days primarily in Melbourne and can arrange sessions in other locations Australia wide.  Travel fees apply. 


  1. Do you offer a full Interior Design Service?

We offer interior decoration, styling, art procurement, e-styling, and interior shopping days. For specific items such as: window treatments or kitchen  / designs, we recommend other designers.


  1. In what areas do you work?

We work Australia-wide, especially in Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast, and Melbourne regions. We love to work in all locations Australia wide.  Travel fees apply. 


  1. How long will it take to have my E-Design package fulfilled?

E-Design packages are typically completed within 7 working days for thorough research and concise designs.


  1. How long does the Furniture Procurement package take from beginning to end?

The timeline really depends on the project's complexity and suppliers' stock levels, The intial specifications may take approx. 2-4 weeks. Custom orders may take up to 16 weeks.


  1. Can you please come to my home and give me styling ideas?

Yes, we offer 2-3 hour home sessions where we discuss ideas and make design choices together. This package is on my website here


  1. What's included in The Interiors Assembly's One-on-One Design Consultation?

Our One-on-One Design Consultation covers room function, furnishings, artwork, colors, textures, and decor, available on-site or via Zoom nationwide. Check out more info here


  1. How does pricing work for The Interiors Assembly's design consultations?

Pricing is based on session duration, offering a 2-hour express consultation or a 3-hour full home session, including questionnaire review and brand lists. Outside this we charge an hourly rate. 


  1. What is The Interiors Assembly's One-on-One Interiors Shopping Day?

Our personalized Shopping Day includes visiting showrooms, retailers, and galleries, with a pre-session Zoom call and a 6-hour exploration shopping session with me by your side !  


  1. What does The Interiors Assembly's Furniture Procurement service entail?

Our service starts at $500 per room, covering consultation, concept development, purchasing, styling, and installation. The cost of the furniture is an additional cost to the client. You can view more information here


  1. What does The Interiors Assembly's E-Styling - Furniture & Interiors Sourcing service offer?

Our service includes detailed consultations and digital mood boards, starting from $450 per room. You can view more information here


  1. What does The Interiors Assembly's Art Curation service offer?

Our service provides curated artworks with options for self-purchase or procurement and delivery, starting from $350. View more information here


  1. What does The Interiors Assembly offer for elevated Airbnb or holiday home styling?

We offer a Rental Property Audit and a Full Home Rental Package, tailored to enhance property appeal. Contact us for personalised planning and enquiries.


  1. What does it cost for freight of an artwork ?

As most of our artworks are different sizes we quote per piece where possible. We use private art couriers where we can, and have them professionally packed. 


  1. Do you send artwork worldwide ?

Yes we sure do ! We quote on each individual item and use a professional packaging service for large and bulky items. 


If you have any other questions, please send me an email and I'll get back you you within 48 hrs. 

Have a great day !

Kelly x