A question we often receive from Artists is …

'How can I become an Artist with ' The Interiors Assembly ' ?  …here's where the process starts …

Please email the following information to & type ' New Artist Submission' in the subject line.

( Please don’t DM a submission on Instagram , it's honestly too hard to manage as you could imagine. )

At the moment we are only taking submissions from Australian Artists. This may change, so keep an eye out here if you are from outside Australia.

What we are looking for with a ' New Artist Submissions ' is something different that we don’t currently have on offer from our current group of feature Artists. Please take this into consideration when putting together your submission.

Things we would like to see from you in your submission is;

  • An Artist Bio – the more information the better! We want to know how you started, your influences and about your process. Maybe your work has been in Art Shows or you may have won an Art Prize … tell us all. 
  • Be sure to include your IG handle and website so we can check out your Artworks. 
  • If you have a ' Look Book ' … we'd love to see it! If it's a large file, this can also be sent via dropbox at the above email. 
  • Please send only low res. images of examples of the Artworks you want to share with us. Full images and close up's if relevant. With these images please let us know the following ; Title, Medium, Size, current RRP Pricing. 
  • We would like to know if you are currently with any other Galleries or retail stores, including online. 
  • We do like to chat over email and on the phone, so please provide us with your mobile number.

Providing us with the above information makes the process of us looking through your submission - so - much - easier - and it's all in the ' one place ' ... we really appreciate it. No lost DM's or text messages ...

We love submissions and appreciate the time it takes to prepare the above  … and the ‘ courage ‘ it may take to press ' SEND ', but please understand we may not be able to reply to every single submission. 

We would love to say a big ' YES ' to everyone, but that's just not possible! It may not be the right time for us to take on new work for a variety of reasons, but we assure you we look at each submission. 

We endeavour to get back to those submissions we are interested in ‘ hearing more about ', within 2 - 3 weeks of receiving your email. If you haven’t heard from us within the above time frame, we want to thank you for reaching out … & rest assured … we do keep all submissions on file and may contact you at another time.