Hi ... I'm Kelly, the founder and creative mind behind 'The Interiors Assembly', dedicated to bringing you a unique blend of bespoke interior decorating, design, styling, decor selection and art curation.


Drawing on over thirty years of expertise in the building and interiors sector, backed by a business and marketing degree, I bring a distinct blend of skills to every project. My passion lies in creating personalized sanctuaries, curating furnishings, decor, and artwork to foster a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

I thrive on connecting clients with exceptional creatives and brands, providing unique design solutions. I'm particularly drawn to a fusion of mid-century and contemporary architecture, design and interiors, characterized by clean lines, thoughtful styling and unexpected elements.


My forte lies in balancing textures, patterns, and intricate details to craft truly distinctive interiors that reflect your individual tastes and lifestyles.

I'm a Melbourne native, now residing in the serene Barrabool Hills near Geelong.  I draw so much of my daily inspiration from my breathtaking natural surroundings to design bespoke interiors that echo style and personality.


Whether it's your residence, office, or commercial space, my focus is on creating environments that resonate with you every time you walk in the door.

Through a tailored approach that blends your preferences with my expertise, I meticulously source the perfect pieces for your space, curating functional, timeless and uniquely yours interiors.


Let me alleviate the stress of decorating and styling your space, turning your dream vision into a tangible reality.