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Artist Jacklyn Foster

We have welcomed a new artist to our group recently, Jacklyn Foster, her works are just beautiful, have you spotted them on our website yet ?

Jacklyn is a full-time artist hailing from Regional Victoria, specifically the rural town of Mildura and now resides in Geelong, Wadawurrung Country. With a specialisation in abstract acrylic artworks, embracing her creative practice as an integral part of her daily routine, Jacklyn finds inspiration from her current surroundings and the world unfolding around her. Her intuitive and meditative approach to working with acrylic paint provides a constant inspiration.

Throughout her career, Jacklyn Foster has undertaken various large-scale art projects. Notably, she contributed to the Royal Children's Hospital's 150th-anniversary project titled "Me & Uoo Uoo" and the RSPCA's 150th-anniversary project named "Wombat in the Room." 

Jacklyn expresses her passion for creating recognizable abstract acrylic paintings. Each piece features a bold color palette and a joyful composition, capturing elements of everyday life. From the humble milk carton to nostalgic cassette tapes and familiar foods, her artwork embodies a sense of familiarity. Vibrant pops of citrus, local produce, and the essence of spending time with loved ones or the rituals surrounding shared meals often grace her pieces. Jacklyn's intuitive approach, coupled with her adept exploration of technique, color, and composition, imbues each creation with a unique narrative. She revels in the opportunity to convey deeper meaning and underlying stories to her audience.

By skillfully combining technique, vibrant colors, and meaningful narratives, Jacklyn Foster invites viewers to immerse themselves in her art. Her abstract acrylic paintings capture the essence of everyday life, offering a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. Through her creative endeavors, Jacklyn continues to leave an indelible mark on the art world.

Jacklyn's pieces are easily recognised by her abstract playful style and are being increasingly specified by interior designers and property stylists in residential and commercial installations.


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