Welcoming new artist - Francesca Gnagnarella

Welcoming new artist - Francesca Gnagnarella

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Artist Francesca GnagnarellaFrancesca Gnagnarella is an Italian contemporary abstract artist, who works from her studio located in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia. She works in a number of mediums including acrylic and resin.

Born in Italy, growing up in Rome and attending University in Paris…she is of true European culture!  

Prior to finishing her studies at Sorbonne University, she started exhibiting in Paris, and also held her first solo exhibition in Rome, Italy in 2006.  She is now a full time artist, living her dream,  painting professionally since 2011. Shop art by Francesca Gnagnarella

Francesca paints, what she describes as ‘abstract landscapes’. Her works are “abstract interpretations of seascapes, beachscapes, or landscapes reinterpreted loosely onto canvas”. I love her use of 23 karat gold leaf on the works, adding that little something extra to a piece, enriching the paintings with a divine luminosity.

 She paints from memory … ” remembering a sunset or a sunrise, looking at the earth and sky in the sunshine or after rain, contrasting splurges of red, magenta, orange, yellow, and blues to recall a sunburnt desert, the clearest waters, the softest sand, the brightest sunsets.”  Living in Perth gives Francesca an incredible amount of inspiration, with the intensity of light of the Western Australian sunsets, which are truly spectacular.

Shop art by Francesca Gnagnarella

She exhibits regularly between Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and Australia.  Her paintings adorn the walls of many corporate collections including the Crown Metropol, Ronald McDonald House and Liberty Executive Offices. She is also in high demand of private collectors in Italy, France, USA, Japan, China and Australia, including the Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Dr Stefano Carboni.

 Francesca loves living close to the ocean.  She starts her day walking her dog on the river shores surrounding her home. She says her walks helps her to ” slow down, observe my environment, take in colours, patterns, textures, and, most importantly, the light, which has a particularly vibrant quality here in Perth”, she finds this the best way for her to ‘refuel‘ her creative inspiration.

Shop art by Francesca Gnagnarella

With a number of large  projects in the pipeline, one of which is for the Crown Hotel for their latest Crown Towers project in Perth, she is very busy! Her works will soon adorn the walls of 340 rooms in the Crown Hotel….Definitely the biggest and most exciting job in her career thus far.  She also has an exhibition scheduled in Hong Kong in March 2017, her  6th show in the city.

Francesca says she is “ very lucky to be surrounded by incredibly amazing and talented people who she has met through work, and now call friends. I love sharing experiences with fellow creatives, watching them grow, and  love collaborating with local talents in all aspects of the creative industry, from fashion creative to property stylists and interior designers.”

Francesca’s tips for business success….“Dedicate your everything to it to make it happen and get ready to work 100 hours a week! But most of all, always trust your heart and trust your dream – it will become your story.”  

Francesca is always looking for new opportunities to expand her exposure across all of Australia, so get in touch for all enquiries with here now! ( email below ) She will also be exhibiting next month in Melbourne ... so keep an eye out for that too! 

We are prod to be representing Francesca's art here in Melbourne. We have available works ONLINE NOW for purchase, or you can arrange your own commission at no extra design charge with us now by contacting us via email. 


A ‘quick 6’ with Francesca…

The best day of the week is…..Every morning when I get up to go for a walk along the river with my puppy!

My dream holiday destination is ….You will always find me by the beach, no matter where in the world 

My biggest ‘pinch me’ moment has been…..When the current Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Stefano Carboni, asked me if he could  visit my studio to buy one of my pieces for his personal collection!

The best advice I have ever received is…..Never leave ’til tomorrow what you can do today.

What I’m reading is…..My dad’s recently published novel ‘Rendez-vous in Saint-Germain’

My ultimate indulgence is….Having an ice cream every night after dinner.


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