Dimensions: 91 x 121 cms Unframed

Framing Details: Stretched Canvas Unframed

Art Medium: Mixed media on cotton canvas

The vibrant colours in 'Shock Orange VI' by Lara Scolari will certainly brighten up any home. With a mix of ink, pastel, oil stick, and rope laid on top of a hand-stretched cotton canvas, this piece is a feast for the eyes. There's something special about watching the beautiful reds, oranges, and pinks come together in an astonishingly free-flowing pattern. The energy that radiates from 'Shock Orange VI' will bring life to any room.

Lara Scolari’s art practice is informed by her experience of the Australian landscape and its geology, combined with a strong influence from the Abstract Expressionist Movement. She works primarily in mixed media painting, drawing, and sculpture, using various materials such as acrylic paint, ink, graphite, pastel, and resin. Her subject matter often incorporates layered patterns inspired by nature and textures that evoke a sense of depth and movement.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally at places such as Sotheby’s Australia (2020), Art Basel Hong Kong (2019), and London Art Fair (2018). She has also been featured in publications, reviews, and interviews such as Art Almanac Magazine (2020) and Arts Hub Australia (2019).

Lara Scolari’s works are held in private collections both locally and abroad. Her passion for art-making is evident in her practice, which is dedicated to creating meaningful works that reflect her personal experiences. She invites her audience to experience a sense of stillness and contemplation, as well as energizing excitement and vibrancy. By deeply connecting the viewer with their inner world, Lara creates an environment that is both calming and stimulating.