Dimensions: 104 x 104 cms Framed

Framing Details: Oak Framing

Art Medium: Acrylic on Cotton Cavas

Add a touch of artistry, vibrancy, and beauty to your home with the abstract floral artwork by Ruchi Rai. These intricately crafted pieces showcase her signature impressionist style brush strokes in multi coloured hues that can't help but draw attention! It's no wonder interior designers have made Ruchi Rai's artworks a favourite when selecting art for their clients homes. Let this captivating artwork bring joy and energy to any room!

Artist Ruchi Rai's passion for art and design has taken her on an exciting journey. She works with a vibrant range of colours and techniques to create beautiful, unique pieces that bring joy to the viewer's eyes. With free-flowing strokes and spontaneity, Ruchi creates breathtakingly exquisite works of art that are sure to spark curiosity and admiration!

Her love affair with color began in New Delhi where she studied Textile Design for three years. During this time she gained valuable insight into painting on large-scale canvas material such as silk and chiffon Saris. It was here that her desire to continue creating beautiful pieces flourished.

Now based in Sydney NSW, Ruchi's work continues to captivate the hearts of many. Her love for color and design drives her to create unique masterpieces, each one more beautiful than the last.

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