Dimensions: 33 x 33 cms Framed

Framing Details: Oak Frame

Art Medium: Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

Bring some joy into your home with Ros Gervay’s abstract florals - stunning pieces that will make any area feel more vibrant and alive! With delicate layers of petals and dynamic brushstrokes that create unique patterns, her artwork exudes energy and emotion. The hues of pink, blue and yellow bring a perfect balance to each piece. These small artworks are ideal for any console, shelf, wall, or corner - just enough to make your home feel more alive and exciting. Let these gorgeous works of art take you on an imaginative journey today.

Ros Gervay is known for creating pieces of art that allow viewers to reconnect with the natural world. Her pieces come alive through her use of gestural brushwork, creating an expressionistic and raw beauty in each work.

The Sydney-based artist has a deep appreciation for the environment, often drawing inspiration from photos of nature she takes herself. By looking at one of Ros’s paintings you can immediately feel the joy and freedom it embodies — it will surely make your heart sing!

So take some time out today to appreciate the wonders of nature and immerse yourself in Ros Gervay’s captivating works.