' Ashley Quirk ' Original Artwork
' Ashley Quirk ' Original Artwork
' Ashley Quirk ' Original Artwork

Tanya J Block

' Ashley Quirk ' Original Artwork


' Ashley Quirk ' 2020

Original Artwork by Tanya J Block. 

53 x 53 cms framed in American Ash. 

Blush and white acrylic on cotton canvas with painted edges. 

Abstract flower from the Quirk Flower series.

A joyful and playful interpretation of a flower.  series was conceived by way of flower personalities, hence named after a person!  Each flower is slightly different, very organic created to to be hung in pairs, 3 or 4, so when hung you see them together they look like a family.

Commissions available for this series in alternative colours & sizes.  Please get in touch via email

About Tanya ... 

Tanya's love of art started as soon as she could work out how to hold a brush as a toddler ... the walls were never white again! She grew up drawing everything she could get her hands on ... compulsively creative.

Her intention with her art is always to spread a little joy! Being a creative for more than 25 years she now can't imagine doing anything else. When she's not painting, she's spending time with my two beautiful daughters, walking or studying.

Tanya is an artist and designer, creating from her home studio in Melbourne, Australia. Her painting career came via the converging paths of illustration, graphic design and styling 16 years ago. She is known for her distinctive, minimalist, slightly transparent and textural works. Her collections are adored in homes Australia wide.

She is fascinated by the beauty she see's in everyday things and in nature. Tanya's  aim to capture this in her work through simplifying shapes, reducing colour, and adding texture. She predominately works with acrylics on canvas ... the result a little abstract and a little quirky. 


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