' Apples and Chooks ’ Original Artwork

Alexandra Strong

' Apples and Chooks ’ Original Artwork


' Apples and Chooks  ’ Original Artwork

This is a stunning still life artwork by artist Alexandra Strong.

It’s a small scale artwork with such beautiful details. 

A perfect sized artwork to compliment others on a gallery wall or beautiful as standout single artwork for a little nook or above a small console.

Acrylic on canvas. 

Size : 48x 37 cms framed in Oak. 

About Alexandra … 

Alexandra is a self-taught full time Artist from Berry on the NSW South Coast where she lives with her young family.

Her work is a reflection of natural surroundings from the rolling hills which surround the region to the fresh open beaches and intricate rock pools which she loves to explore with her little ones.

Her recent ‘Still Life’ works are a completely different focus from the abstracts she has traditionally painted.

She enjoys this style of painting as she needs to engage in a different way of thinking, looking at shape and shadow rather than using her intuition of colour and pattern. 

She finds this beneficial and a bit of mental shift from her intuitive works. These paintings celebrate the everyday and the household tabletop. 

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