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The sculptural art of Himmeli by Katrina Johnson

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Introducing Katrina Johnson … an artist and ‘natural‘ creator based in Brisbane, Australia. She is thrilled to have recently become part of the Greenhouse Interiors group of artists, under the watchful eye of Interior Stylist Julia Green.

What she creates is mind blowing … the most eye-catching, divine sculptural pieces made in a traditional form, the art of ‘Himmeli’ … she has had her hands busy creating these works for the last two years and I feel she won’t be slowing down any time soon. ‘Himmeli’ means ‘sky or heaven’ and is believed to bring luck and prosperity to your home. Originally such pieces were made predominantly in Finland and Latvia around the Christmas & harvest time. They believed the bigger the ‘Himmel’ the more luck and prosperity it would bring to crops for the year to come,” Katrina says.

Katrina Johnson-01

As a maker she was initially drawn to the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that ‘Himmel’ represents … (and I’d have to say so am I!) She finds it important to keep “old crafts alive in this fast paced mass-produced world, and she enjoy making things that take time, patience and thought. It is a craft that reflects the delicacy, perfection and repetition in nature, and I love it!”

Being a natural ‘maker‘, Katrina says that together, her and her husband are keen renovators, and in the past have also been known to make the occasional furniture piece for family and friends.  It is no surprise to hear that she has also dabbled in the crafts of weaving, pot making, paper collage vignettes and latch hook to name a few  … “My mind is very busy designing and creating products that do not follow trends and have a timeless presence in your home,” she says.

Katrina tells me that ‘balance and nature’ are her biggest inspiration. “It can take me weeks to get the sizing right of each piece I create. If it doesn’t show balance at the end, I will pull it all apart and start again. Once I am happy with the shape I immediately starting naming them after parts of nature."

Katrina Johnson-02

I love that her pieces have a beautiful fragility, but so strong in their own form. She hopes that people who are lucky enough to enjoy her works can appreciate the time and patience put in to every piece. She is very conscious of not ‘following the crowd’ , something I admire, and feels Himmel is still a ‘bit of a secret’.  I asked Katrina is she has a favourite piece to date … (it was a tough question to answer) … but she noted that she loves her ‘Rainbow‘ and ‘Star‘ because of its repetition, ‘Rocky‘ because of its rambling length and ‘Branch‘ because of its shape and the way it turns.

Katrina Johnson-03

Katrina Johnson-04

A few of Katrina’s biggest influencers thus far have been are;

Bonnie and Neil – “Gosh I love that duo. I admire their endless creativity and their humble souls. They can do no wrong in my eyes. If I think of Australian made, I think of Bonnie and Neil. Big respect!

Sabine Timm aka @virgin_honey – “I am totally obsessed with the tiny little vignettes that Sabine creates. Her sense of humor is very sweet and playful. There is a quiet sophistication to her work and I admire her left of centre mind. I love how she uses found objects to create such wondrous photos and scenes.

Ray Eames – “There is so much that I admire about this woman that I could not possibly be able explain here. Anyone reading this will totally understand!”

Katrina Johnson-05

You can admire the divine work of Katrina Johnson and follow her on IG here. 


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