The 2017 HFG ‘Collector’ series

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Most of you know that I am a BIG fan of Hunting for George, and it’s always a great day when you get to check out the new range of prints from their new 2017 range! Introducing their latest collection of Art Prints, called the ‘Collector Series’, featuring works covering many mediums including painting, collage, illustrations, original photography & typography.

Lucy Glade-Wright, Hunting for George Brand Director, shares with us that, “The energy of this collection is reflective of the environment in which it was created. Experimental and instinctive, we explored a range of mediums and techniques before refining these concepts on the computer. The creative process was incredibly refreshing. We allowed ourselves the freedom to step away and develop instinctively, and this unhurried approach creates a beautiful sense of calm in each piece.”

2017 HFG Collector Series-01

2017 HFG Collector Series-02 

The collection includes 24 new Art Prints across a range of styles and sizes. So what is a favourite of mine from  this range … the ‘Awesome print’ is fantastic, such a positive message to hang on your wall, and i have a feeling one of my boys will have this in their room soon! I am also loving the Monochrome prints (pictured below), in a watercolour painterly style … that one will be for me!

I am also LOVING the fact that the team at Hunting for George, now also offer custom made frames designed to fit their entire collection, now that is a big headache taken care of! The frames are Australian made,  sold pre-assembled with a multi-fit system to hang both portrait or landscape, perfect!

2017 HFG Collector Series-03

“We wanted to provide a complete offering to our customers and remove the additional (and often frustrating) step of finding a frame to fit your artwork. Now our customers can put their art prints straight on the wall with no lag time, and the multi-hang system we developed means that each frame is not limited in its orientation, allowing our customers more freedom in how they choose to use their frame in the future.” Says Lucy Glade-Wright, Hunting for George Brand Director.

Hunting for George offer a number of exclusive releases each year, this is their first and it’s just fantastic don’t you think?!  This year also sees new collections in Australian made ceramics, bed linen, furniture and leather accessories … so keep an eye out for those too!

2017 HFG Collector Series-04

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