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Prudence Caroline

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Prudence Caroline is an artist that needs to be solidly placed on your radar if she isn’t already!  Many of you will know her works from being featured on ‘The Block – Sky-high’ 2013 series in Matt and Kym’s apartment. It was an explosion of colour on a huge scale and I have been in awe of her works ever since.

At a young age, Prudence had always had a strong passion for art, architecture, interiors, fashion….pretty much all things beautiful.   She describes herself as a ‘practical person’ and admits that she didn’t think that “being a professional artist was possible for her.”  It is really a lovely story that she now is a full time creative, doing what she loves. Straight from school, she dove into another creative world and studied makeup artistry, practiced freelance for a few years and ran her own beauty salon in Geelong which she truly loved. She had always experimented with her ‘creative side’ while running her business until she was too busy to do both and a decision had to be made. She chose Art ….. I’m sure you will agree with me that I’m certainly VERY happy she explored her amazing talent as an artist!


The Studio – Styling Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors, Photography Annette O’Brien

Her works have adorned the front covers and inside the pages of our most loved interior /  lifestyle magazines, with the close guidance of friend and mentor Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors .

Self-taught, her abstract works are bold and are created by using a variety of mediums;  acrylic, ink, spray paint, pencils and resin over layers and layers.  She creates both large and small format original works on canvas ( by commission ) as well as her limited editions print series, both of which are highly collectable.

She has the best of both worlds being able to work in her home studio and also being in control of her precious family time with her son, Theodore (Teddy). One minute she may be on the beach enjoying time with him, the next off to create in the studio…and by the way, how amazing does that look just quietly!  I asked Prudence, what is the most challenging part of running your own creative business ” .. it has to be the pulling myself away from spending time with Teddy to do ‘work’. Luckily I love what I do, because my Theodore is pretty amazing!”

The 2016 Collection of Limited Edition Art Prints

With a love affair with armchairs, something we have in common,  her recent artwork ‘Capital Blue’ (below)  was inspired by one of her favourites furniture pieces, ‘ The Featherstone Chair.’   This was the first piece in the NEW 2016 Limited Edition Print Collection and her other works evolved from there.


‘Capital Blue’ by Prudence Caroline – Styling Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors, Photography Cricket Studio

Her favourite print from the collection is ‘Hey Pom Pom’. (picture below)  She had the original in Teddy’s room for a while before it was scanned for print, I bet that was hard to let go.   She admits “as a family they did form a bit of an attachment to its soft colours.” I just love the muted tones in this print and have to admit it is also my favourite from her new collection.

Hey Pom Pom’ by Prudence Caroline

‘Hey Pom Pom’ by Prudence Caroline – Styling Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors, Photography Cricket Studio

Other beautiful new print works are featured below….

‘The Harold’ by Prudence Caroline

‘The Harold’ by Prudence Caroline – Styling Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors, Photography Cricket Studio

‘Extra 3’ by Prudence Caroline

‘Extra 3’ by Prudence Caroline, Styling Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors, Photography Cricket Studio

She loves that the interiors industry is always evolving and never gets boring. “I’m even luckier being an artist, I’m able to apply my work to so many different areas.  I have a LOT of exciting projects in the pipeline, delving into a few of my favourite industries which I’m super excited about, as well as more homewares for 2017… So stay tuned…” she says.

I also love an artist that likes to give back…Last year Greenhouse Interiors ran a number of creative workshops, which Prudence was part of. She was actually quite taken back with their popularity, and excited that there will be more of these on the horizon soon…she hopes to be running these from her studio later in the year.

I asked Prudence to name the 3 biggest influencers in her life …

  1. Her son Teddy – makes me realise what’s important in life.!
  2. Julia Green – who is such an inspiring and uplifting friend / mentor.
  3. My Mother – xx

prudence caroline art studio

The Studio – Styling Julia Green, Photography Annette O’Brien

I also asked her to finish these sentences for me … just for fun … 

The best day of the week isSunday.

My dream holiday destination isMorocco …  but would settle for a few hours at a day spa.

My biggest ‘pinch me’ moment has been Having my work on front cover of inside out magazine. Styled by Julia Green.

The best advice I have ever received is … Listen to your mother.

What I’m reading is ... The Gruffly & Pig the Pug … on rotation… ( Oh…how I remember doing that!) 

My ultimate indulgence is Red wine & online shopping.

Purchase her NEW 2016 COLLECTION at Greenhouse Interiors.

Follow on IG at Greenhouse Interiors  & Prudence Caroline.


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