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Pop and Scott – Indigo Folk Collection

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Launching today, POP & SCOTT have created a beautiful new collection called ‘Indigo Folk. ‘  A collection of hand painted pots inspired by traditional embroidery, jewellery and Scandinavian Folk paintings.  I am a big lover of all things ‘greenery’ around the home, I couldn’t wait to share this collection with you.

Poppy’s  inspiration behind the new collection is ; “I have always had a big love for folk art from around the world. While I was pregnant with Lou, my love for Folk art and music came on really strong. I listened to Joni Mitchell and Carole Kings Classic album Tapestry on repeat and started decorating my home with all my favourite folk art bits. ”

 Pop-and-Scott-indigo-folk pots

Does Poppy have a favourite design from the new range? She admits she loves  ‘Nico’… the olive leaf. “We have tried doing a leaf design for quite a while and never got it quite right. One of our newest painters Darcy waltzed in and nailed it!”  In the collection, there are 3 NEW designs which are available in various sizes, so you can rest assured there will be a pot available to suit large and small areas within your home, may it be contemporary or eclectic.

After being part of this industry for some time, she loves the ‘family of creatives’ that come along for the ride, “the long lunches discussing designs and then in months or years to come seeing them come to life.”  They have a fabulous team, and are very grateful to be where they are today.  She knows to that make things work in small business, you have to work bloody hard, dream big, stay honest, “be good to the people who work for you to keep the life in your business.”

I asked Poppy to name some of  biggest influences in her life and work…. 

“My mum is one of my main influences; She is a warm loving mother of 6 kids and has always filled our lives with colour, good food, art, travel, flowers and beautiful gardens. I love her style too; mums home is full of textiles, art, jewelry and books from her travels around the world. I think the homes mum has created for us to grow up in have really influence all of us kids in the way we live and our career paths, I hope I can create this same feeling for our babies.  My other major influence is the Australian landscape, architecture and lifestyle. Scotty and I design our furniture and products to suit the way we like to live.”


Available in sizes from  small – x-large,   Hand-painted by artists in the Northcote (VIC) cooperative workshop, the launch of ‘Indigo Folk’ celebrates the introduction of Australia wide shipping of the POP & SCOTT pot collections.

POP & SCOTT have always had a strong focus on handcrafted pieces,  and this collection,  sits nicely amongst the POP & SCOTT collection of indoor and outdoor furniture pieces – rich with life, colour and texture yet simple and timeless.


Visit the NEW range NOW at POP & SCOTT. 


(Photography: Jessica Tremp)

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