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I am so excited to share with you some beautiful images from the latest Kip and Co NEW Jersey range of bedding!

You all know I LOOOVEEE the Kip & Co brand which I have featured on the blog previously, their velvet collections have had me at ‘Hello’ for years!


This is a limited range which makes up this beautiful new capsule collection, which makes it all the more special, I think anyway!

It is only until recently that I have made my first ‘Jersey‘ linen purchase, and I will now not look back. The feel of Jersey is so unique, nothing compares … my kids are so warm and cosy it is now an issue betting them out of bed … and we are just hitting the teenage years with one of our children, so now I have no hope!



“It is the us the ultimate no fuss, no crush, natural bedding that is perfect for the real you,” Hayley Pannekoecke co- founder of Kip and Co shares with me, and YES she is excited to add this to their already fabulous collections!

The new Jersey bedding is available in Adult, Kids and Tiny to keep the whole team ‘chilled’ well cosy really! The colours are beautiful; available in emerald (this is my favourite), grey male, and a striped version to mix it up a bit! 

What I love to two with my bedding is mix it up a bit, just like my cushions no rules with matching fabrics or patterns at any one time. Right now I may have a mix of velvet, linen and cotton on my bed and it looks beautiful … no rules in my house!



I am also thrilled to ALERT you to the fact there is a special capsule collection of Velvet splendour online now! It’s selling out fast , so you’l have to be quick to snap this up.



Shop the look HERE … adding to your linen collection IS always a great idea!


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