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Jumbled – A place of colour and style

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Pip Brett is the owner of Interiors and Lifestyle store ‘Jumbled’. I have been a huge fan of Pip’s Instagram for so so long, when we chatted about a feature I was seriously thrilled to share her amazing store with you all, and you will see why!

What is ‘Jumbled’ ?

“It is a ‘jumbled’ eclectic mix of all things wonderful for your home. It’s pretty much everything that I love and want myself, all conveniently located under the one roof. I only sell things that I love and so far that strategy is working out beautifully!” Pip shares with me. She also runs a fashion boutique called ‘Iglou‘… “it didn’t seem like that big deal opening a fashion store at 22 years old” … she says … Gulp!  That store focuses on bringing the best fashion brands out to Orange, a gorgeous town in country Australia. The local response to her businesses has been huge, with both now having a loyal tribe online and in store.



Jumbled at ‘The Sonic’

Now this is so damm exciting … recently Pip acquired the most incredible building ( above ) , a Masonic hall, built in 1864, which she has been transformed in ‘The Sonic’ – housing both her businesses – Igloo & Jumbled.

“I had always dreamt of the idea of a ‘The Concept Store’ – coffee, fashion, home all under the one roof after visiting stores in Europe like Merci and Collete in Paris,” she tells me.  With the help of designers, Studio Esteta and her builder husband Nick, they were able to transform the building in 9 short weeks into their dream store.  As you can see in these amazing images, it is a building with a crisp white canvas to display all of their goodness, whilst still staying true to the history of the building … something which is very important to her … I’d think I’d like to move in right now! 

Does Pip have a favourite area of your new store? She sure does … “I love the front window of the shop where you first enter ‘The Sonic’. The natural light here is total perfection and makes every photograph look magical. There is a bed with loads of layering of pattern, colour and texture, artworks that are ever-changing, hanging plants, a ‘Prickly Pear’ that spikes me every time!  I style up the space and a wheel barrow cascading greenery. To me this space is a snapshot of our “more is more, less is a bore” philosophy.” Pip explains.



What is the most enjoyable part of Pip’s’ working day’?  She admits she loves so many parts … what a blessing!  May it be unpacking new stock, ‘nailing’ styling up a new space, or chatting to her customers … she loves it all! She also loves it when artists send her through an image of an artwork that is exclusive to ‘Jumbled’ … especially when she knows it will be a ‘killer collection’!

So what makes ‘Jumbled’ such an amazing destination store?

It has to be Pip & her team’s passion for colour injected, patterned & playful interiors.  She has a true respect & love for the designers and artists that she supports. They pride themselves on making art original art accessible for people with all budgets. They also try and make the online experience as fun as the in store experience … yes we all love a bit of online shopping don’t we! “When customers receive an online order from us, we want them to feel special and excited,” Pip says.  She is constantly changing and evolving her ranges & looks within the store and are always on the look out for a new designer or artist to join the ‘Jumbled’ family.



Australian Designers she adores include; Kip and Co, Sage and Clare and Goosebumps, Indigo Love Collectors, Space to Create and Globewest.  Her favourite ‘go-to’ brands for Homewares and gifts include; General Eclectic, Habitat 101, Uimi, Halcyon nights, Poppies for Grace, Langdon LTD, White Moose, Canvas and Sasson.  Original art ( a big love of mine)  you will find on those beautiful walls include; Leah Bartholomew, Lumiere Art + Co, Kezz Brett, Annie Everingham, Kyah Wilson, Larissa Blake, Jessie Breakwell, Spenser Shakespeare, Middle of Nowhere, Belinda Marshall … many of these brands I am a big fan of also! 



Workshops at ‘Jumbled’ 

Last year ‘Jumled’ worked with stylist Julia Green, from Greenhouse Interiors, to run an Interiors workshop which was a sellout! Good news is Julia is coming back in April 2017 to Jumbled … so keep your eye out for more information about that one.  In the past they have also hosted floral and weaving workshops which were a big success. With their now much larger space, the world is our oyster … who knows what they will do next!

I asked Pip to name her 3 biggest influences in life & work;

  1. My family – Having kids gives you great perspective on life and what is and isn’t important.
  2. My mum – She run a successful fashion business for over 20 years and now paints in her retirement. She inspires me everyday
  3. Our artists and designers – every new collection/artwork amazes me and that excitement makes my job the most exciting!
  4. … if I can have it…COLOUR! Colour makes me happy!

I have loves being able to share this incredible store with you , shop these looks online here at Jumbled … and tell Pip I sent you!


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