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Hunting for George – Golden Years Art Print Collection

It’s what we have been waiting for ….The NEW Hunting for George – Golden Years Art Print Collection, just in time for Summer. They are so proud of the collection and love how positive and colourful this collection is … just like them!  They wanted to create a collection of art that was inspiring and affordable because art is something that everybody should be able to enjoy, and I agree whole heartedly!

Following on since the release of their first product designed and produced by Hunting for George, you will know it …. the Dr Seuss print, launched in 2012 ‘ Oh the Places You’ll Go’ …they have been designing awesome collections ever since, I love them all!  They traditionally curate two main collections each year, and are also releasing new products into all our their ranges every month. (This print series is only available at their online store.)

Hunting For George-01

“We were extremely excited to design this new collection of art prints. It’s where we first began and art is where my passion lies. My background is in graphic design and I have a strong appreciation for typography. With this collection we experimented with different foil finishes and paper stock to introduce new textures. The beauty of foiling is that the type changes appearance based on how the light reflects from its surface, making it behave a little differently every time you see it.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The ‘Golden Years’ art print  collection features photographic prints that embrace the warmth and energy of Summer. I can already see the forever young print taking pride of place in my ‘soon to be teen‘ boys room.

“This photographic series features imagery from a range of different photographers but they all balance and complement one another. With each photographic print we wanted to capture the energy and warmth of Summer, it was such a pleasure curating these images and bringing them to life. We were lucky to collaborate with new photographers and are looking forward to developing these collaborations further.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

I adore the Ocean Floor print  from Clare Plueckhahn, a Melbourne based surf photographer. “We’ve worked with Clare a few times and I am a huge fan of her work. Her underwater series is so powerful yet peaceful. We wanted to crop into her imagery to create a more abstract, painterly effect.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The Mr Fancy Plants Monstera print features the photography of Melbourne green thumb Naomi Savio and is the first in a series of plant artworks for Hunting for George. This print creates immediate tropical jungle vibes without fear of under or over watering.

Hunting for George ‘Golden Years Collection’ – Mr. Fancy Pants Monstera Print

I asked Lucy Glade-Wright how they select their artists to collaborate on such a collection?

She said they “are drawn to artists that are confident and have their own unique aesthetic. We always love collaborating as it brings something new to our brand. In this collection we partnered with Clare Plueckhahn, a Melbourne based surf photographer. We’ve worked previously with Clare and have been a long time fan of her work, so when it came to joining forces for this project we jumped at the chance. We also worked with Naomi Savio from Mr Fancy Plants. Her knowledge and passion for plants is contagious. She grows her own range of plants and her image of the mostera is so beautiful. We are really excited to collaborate further to expand this plant collection.”

The typographic foil prints have all been designed in house … how good are they!  They have experimented with different foil finishes and paper stock to introduce new textures into the fold. Lucy says ” the beauty of foiling is that the type changes appearance based on how the light reflects from its surface, making it behave a little differently every time you see it.”

The photographic art prints are personally curated by their team in house.  I did notice that the photographer for the print ‘The Last Wave’, was.” Rob Glade-Wright.  It turns out that Lucy was going through family albums with her Dad and discovered a lost box of slides.  They chose to turn two slides  into prints , and after a little retouching…the result is incredible don’t you agree? ‘ The Cornwall ‘ print is one Lucy’s favourites, and I think it’s a stunning print. The image is from Cornwall beach, England in the 1950s,  and was taken during Lucy’s dad’s family holiday. There is so much energy in the picture….“there are people everywhere, some are swimming, others walking their dogs or jumping off rocks. Every time I look at it I see something different which I think is a beautiful quality to have in an art piece.” Lucy says.  I can only image how hard it was to curate the collection to a small number of art prints!

Hunting for George – ‘Golden Years Collection’ – Last Wave Print

Hunting for George – ‘Golden Years Collection’ – Cornwall Print

Hunting for George – ‘Golden Years Collection’

Lucy’s  top tips for creating a standout gallery wall. 

The trick is balance!

  1. You need to hang the artworks in a way that complements each and every piece.
  2. Think about the colours and textures that each print possesses and make sure to vary this across your wall. For example: if you have a very visually ‘strong’ print, style it next to a lighter minimal print in order to create a harmonious balance.
  3. When it comes to spacing, make sure you have enough space around each artwork in order for them ‘to breathe’. You don’t want to cluster them too close together or have too much uneven spacing as it will be for an uncomfortable balance.
  4. And the best tip of all, before you go hammering into your walls…STOP… Lie the prints down flat on the ground first to work out your ideal format. That way it’s easier for you to move around and you’ll have more confident when positioning them to your walls.

With having been in the biz for over 6 years, they have faced many challenges and learnt a lot.   They love the creativity of their business….“The freedom to create, the inspiration from those around us and the ability to evolve to the beat of our own drum. You have to also work hard and be patient.” Lucy says.

And just for a bit of fun, I asked Lucy to finish these few sentences… 

The best day of the week is….FRIDAY. I love the energy you feel on a Friday. It’s the last working day of the week, you get shit done and then get to celebrate!

Your dream holiday destination is….anywhere with sunshine, sand and cold beer.

What’s your  biggest ‘pinch me’ moment at HFG….Our collaboration with Lonely Planet. We designed a travel bag for them and it was so incredible to see our designs sent across the globe.

What’s the best advice you have ever receivedTake a deep breath and just do one thing at a time.

What I’m reading….The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo

My ultimate indulgence is…Liquorice bullets

Hunting for George – ‘Golden Years Collection’ – Forever Young Print


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(Image credits : Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright, Styling: Ruth Welsby, Photography: Annette O’Brien)

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