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Capra Designs Collaboration

I could go on for days about how truly blessed we are to have such amazing designers on our Australian shores….but you already know that don’t you!

Well, here’s another one for your ‘must follow’ list … Capra Designs

If you have a love of design and indoor plants, you have hit the jackpot with this stunning brand let me tell you!

Partners in business and life, the Melbourne based duo of Bianca Lambert and Thomas Wilson, are seriously a match made in heaven!  They have collaborated to create such an aesthetically beautiful product.

In their launch range, they have concentrated on 3 specific product groups….it’s honestly hard for me to choose a favourite!

They include;

  • Plant Hangers
  • Eco Resin Pots
  • Eco Resin Hanging Pots.


I’m not going to call the ‘indoor plant movement’ a new thing, it’s been around for an eternity.  The difference is now we are are making a conscious effort to add a piece of ‘greenery’ or ‘plant life’ into our homes.  We are subconsciously influenced by the amount of beautiful imagery we are seeing across the media, and I’m seriously loving the impact this is having on the creatives in this world, producing truly beautiful pieces we LOVE to enjoy in our homes.

The hangers produced by Carpa Designs, really do make  a statement in your home….I just love them!

A bit about the designers…

Thomas is a carpenter by trade and works with ‘Frank’, a building company that pride themselves on ‘superior construction skills and attention to detail in all their work’.  He is exposed to such a high level of detail in his daily work ‘on the tools’.  Sleek lines and design forward finishes are something that he has managed to bring into the amazing design of one of their launch pieces, the ‘Diamond Plant Hanger’……great isn’t it?   This is a stand alone piece of art in my opinion, which can be proudly positioned as beautiful room feature.

Bianca’s working background is that of an arts marketer.  Curious by nature, Bianca loves to be creative, she admits to having caught the ‘craft bug’ quite some time ago. Having had previous experience working with textiles and cloisonné enamelling,  she enjoys experimenting and exploring with new design techniques and materials all the time.  The development of the Eco Resin range through such an experimentation processes, she has particularly enjoyed.

 Each piece is hand crafted in their studio in Melbourne.

One to keep on the radar thats for sure…..I think I visualise one these hanging panthers in my new bathroom now!


Pics used with permission of Capra Design / Photography by Eve Wilson

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