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Brent Rosenberg

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Ever since I laid eyes on Brent Rosenberg’s stunning artworks, I knew I had to find out more about this incredible talent! Brent is an established graphic designer who he has been running a company called ‘Paw Project Design’ since 2012. This gave him a springboard to open many doors in the Art arena, where he now creates amazing digital artworks … one to watch !

Exhibiting nationally his works now have a big cult following!  I’m absolutely LOVING his latest collection of contemporary digital artworks combining geometric shapes and contrasting colours featured below.


Brent describes his work as ” created with an intricate and unexpected use of an organic form, filled by sharp geometric shapes lending to an almost mathematical philosophy to the works.  They are then merged into digital and organic content.   I aim to create artworks that fit perfectly into any home or creative space – unique geometric based prints come to life and have been transformed from two-dimensional format into an illusion of three-dimensional pieces of artwork.  The beauty of my art is in the detail, from afar they look very different in contrast to up close, it’s a simple concept that makes for a complex outcome.

Prior to launching his own business he was ‘floating’, working part-time in a gallery, a café and freelancing as a graphic designer, “Just trying to find my way and get to where I wanted to be”, he says.(I think you will agree with me … I’m happy he found his way!)

About the ‘Miss’ series of limited edition art prints.

The first 3 prints in this series were all inspired by the coolest city he’d been to … NYC! (a place that is on my wish list to visit).  He had a blast creating the series and does have a favourite, its ‘ Miss Soho ‘“due to the perfect balance and combination of palette and aesthetic”, he says.

The latest additions to the series, pictured here, are more of an organic inspiration, “organic in terms of a floral colour palette in a linear form with specific shapes.”, Brent describes. There are 3 in this collection titled; ‘Miss Willow’, ‘Miss Arabella’ & ‘Miss Penelope’. 

He plans to create a minimum of 1 series per year, however there are also other pieces added during the year that are not part of a collection or series, so keep an eye out for those, as they will fly out the door, just like these have. I’m sure you have all seen his works featured in the new 2016 series of ‘The Block’ with ‘Miss Willow’, it looked perfect in Kim & Chris’ bedroom … Bravo!

His artwork ‘stands out from the crowd’ purely due to his unique style and aesthetic he has now perfected. His art is fresh, contemporary, and on-point!

Brent loves the creative industry!  I agree with Brent when he describes the artistic community as a ‘collective group’.   “The beauty of art is that everyone does something differently and no one I’ve met has an ego. Everyone’s been so complementary, it’s like a community “ , he says.


He does mention that keeping your work fresh and new is always hard. “Artists are always trying to out do our last series, and that can kind of ‘get inside your head’ and makes you doubt what you’ve done.” He admits that his creative juices aren’t ‘on a tap’, they can’t just be turned on and off  … creating a new series can take at least up to 60 hours + (you would certainly need a re-charge after that) … he likes to take a bit of a break before planning his next works…New York perhaps ?

Brent says that being part of the Greenhouse Interiors group of artists has been fabulous! By having Julia Green representing him, as well as her team assisting in the marketing and selling of his works, has given him incredible exposure which he is very grateful for.

Brent’s 3 biggest influencers are:

  1. My father … He has and will always be a massive influence and inspiration in my life. He taught me that you make life what you want it to be, I have used that in my career and will continue to.
  1. Hazem … The first artist I ever met, when I was 3 & I still constantly send him imagery and ask for his advice and take onboard his opinions. He’s amazing … next level, and where I aspire to be one day.
  1. My imagination … a bit of an off centre, but that’s honestly whar I think! It allowed me  to grow and continue to grow into my late 20’s,  allows me to bend and balance ideas and still lets me ‘go wild’ and allow it come out into my artworks.

Brent’s tips for business success are; “believe in your self, dreams can be dreams or you can make them your reality, make more money then you spend.”  He also believes that you should “Just go for it, you have to loose to know what it is to win.” (… just love that one!)


A few moments with Brent , I asked what his …

Favourite day of the week is …  definitely a Sunday, waking up and having nothing to do but chill out and get ready for the next week.

Dream holiday destination is … NEW YORK! Every day of the week.

Biggest ‘pinch me’ moment has been …  being apart of Simon & Shannons Block Apartment.

That was super crazy experience, that will never be replicated.

The Best advice he has ever received is … If you’re scared of you’re talent….you haven’t yet made peace with your creativity,  and that is all art is……..internalised outward expression.

Ultimate indulgence is … Sneakers.. I just cant help it!

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