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You may have seen a few shared images on my Instagram feed of art by Belynda Henry….I’d like to share a little bit more about this incredible contemporary Australian landscape artist with you all!

I first discovered Belynda Henry early last year. Most of you know I’m a huge fan of Australian artists, and I stumbled across her works while searching the internet, looking for a few more artists to add to my ‘want to buy’ list!

Belynda lives in the Dooralong Valley in NSW. She shares a stunning home with her husband Michael, and daughters Chloe and Milla. Their home was recently featured in ‘Country Style’ Magazine, March 2015.

 Outside her studio window and around her home, which is beautifully set upon 40 acres backing onto the Australian bush, is where she draws most of her inspiration for her art. Other than her spectacular surroundings, her inspiration is drawn from; colour, emotion, music, changing seasons, and her most admired artists. 

She is quietly spoken and so passionate about her work. She has formal training as an art teacher, who taught for about 3 years, and also studied ‘Sculpting’ at the Sydney College of the Arts, before becoming a full time artist.  Her CV is so impressive and she is still getting used to her popularity, something which I can only see increasing in the coming years. 


In the year 2000, her career was given a ‘super boost’ when she was selected as a finalist for the Art Gallery of NSW ‘Wynne prize’. She said that ‘having my works hanging in the Art Gallery of NSW, as a relatively unknown artist was a huge confidence boost!’ She was also a finalist for the Wynne prize again in 2013…a real ‘pinch me’ moment for Belynda. She has also painted numerous ‘private collections’ adorning the walls of many homes around the world.

Her works are mostly recognisable by the use of her pastel or muted palette, with one darker feature ‘mountain peak’ drawing your eye to rest. Her chosen mediums are predominantly acrylic and pastel, and she adds to most of her works a ‘painted or drawn detail’ on one or two of her ‘mountain peaks’, which I see as a signature of her works.

Something you won’t know about Belynda is that she is very superstitious about certain things, and she would love to have the time to read more! Being a busy parent with a full time career, the most she gets to read at the moment are ‘home readers’ with the kids or emails! Sounds very familiar doesn’t it!

If you want to find out who Beylnda’s most loved artists are, check out her hashtag; #belyndahenryartistsilove . She has a long, long list, but a few of her favourites are; Elizabeth Cummings, Luke Sciberras & Giorgio Morandi

She usually likes to paint while ‘JJJ’ plays in the background, but when finishing off a piece it’s a little quieter. You then may hear the sounds of Julia and Angus Stone or James Blake in her studio.

 In 2014 Belynda had features in; ‘House and Garden’, ‘Real Living’, ‘Inside Out’, Qld Homes’, and also in ‘The Age’.

Her first exhibition for 2015 will be held at ‘Koskela’, titled ‘Higher’.

Here she will be exhibiting canvases and works on paper in various sizes.

These images following are some of the featured works up for sale from March 14 – April 26th, 2015 at Koskela ( 1/18 Dunning Ave, Rosebery ph : 02 9280 0999) Contact with any enquiries.

I thought it might also be worth a mention that Koskela was recently awarded ‘Best Retail Space’ at the International Retail Awards in Chicago, congratulations Koskela! 

I don’t yet have a ‘Belynda Henry’ in my collection of Art…yet… and let me tell you I can’t wait to have one of my own to admire every day!

Belynda Henry is represented by Anthea Polson Art Gallery, QLD. 

Thanks Belynda for taking the time to talk with me, I’m truly inspired. 

Below are some more works which will be exhibited at Koskela.

(All images courtesy of Belynda Henry)


‘All I ever wanted’ by Belynda Henry. 78 x 58 cm FRAMED Acrylic & Pastel on Arches 640gsm hot pressed paper

‘Sun Dream II’ by Belynda Henry. 78 x 58 cm Framed Acrylic & Pastel on Arches 640 gsm Hot Pressed Paper
‘Daydream’ by Belynda Henry. 58 X 78 cm FRAMED Acrylic & Pastel on Arches 640gsm hot pressed paper
Belynda Henry in the studio. Pic courtesy of Chloe Heuchan / @horsesareforlife
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