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The new 2016 Art Hide Range

Now sit tight, as the images you see are going to make you gasp…..this really is art for your floor!

Today I am lucky enough to chat to the ladies form Art Hide, sisters and business partners Kura Perkins & Bree Hay Hendry, and show you the incredible images for their 2016 range of floor rugs.

Art Hide; It’s an Australian company (est. 2009) that creates high quality, originally designed and ethically sourced leather products.  Their range includes floor rugs, cushions, furniture and accessories, and they also offer a bespoke service, working closely with clients to create pieces that are truly tailor made; you all know how I love a bit of bespoke around my home, well I’ve hit the jackpot here!

Art Hide rug-01

Bree says ‘ The Art Hide materials work brilliantly as wall, floor and furniture coverings, creating a stunning and unique focal point in commercial spaces like hotel lobbies, bars and clubs, as well as in the home’. I have to admit, I am working out which hide I will have featured in my new home!  I think they would look stunning as a wall hanging, image that… there’s an idea!

How it all started….Entrepreneur and former PR executive Kura’s travels in South America inspired the Art Hide vision and Bree’s skills as a specialist textile and fashion designer brought the concept to life.  The duo’s expertise, combined with the traditional skills of their meticulous leather-craft team and an array of cutting edge technologies, have created timeless everyday masterpieces for hundreds of clients.

And just because they were not busy enough, the sisters also launched a new brand Amigos De Hoy in 2015, which has also been a huge success, with it’s beautiful range of textiles, cushions and homewares.

Art Hide green rug

In life before Art Hide & Amigos, Kura was a strategic communications consultant working for herself for 12 years. She was based in the UK working on a range of high profile property projects, including the London Olympics & Bree had worked exclusively as a fashion designer. Aren’t we lucky to now have these two creative minds come together to now create fashion for our homes! They are represented in the UK, USA, Switzerland and New Zealand…the ladies have gone global, what a hard working & determined team.

Art Hide rug-03

They are passionate about their hide treatment techniques and innovative on trend design.

One thing that the girls truly love about their business, is being able to work with each other, when they live on the other side of the country, Sydney and Perth … are you seriously far enough apart?!

The range you see here, is part of their new collection for 2016.  The images have been carefully curated and styled by Julia Green, from Greenhouse Interiors , photographed at The Establishment Studios, by Anette O’Brien, how incredible are they!  I adore the images, showcasing the sophistication of the range with the right amount glam!

They started working on the 2016 Art Hide releases well over a year ago, and have again used specialised techniques in making a number o the designs including the Isola hide and Atomo rug.

‘Cow hide is a beautiful textile however because it is natural, there are many unique opportunities and challenges when working with it! We always try and push the boundaries of what we think is possible. Our manufacturing team will quite often say we can’t do it, and we have – so far – always managed to prove them wrong! They love being part of making people’s environments beautiful.’

They have been part of the retail game for some time,  and admit the changing state of the market means that businesses need to adapt in a fast paced ever changing world.

Their tips for business success …  reinvest in your business for long term success, and don’t expect to turn a profit straight away!

Art Hide rug-04

I asked Bree to finish off these few sentences for a bit of fun…

What is your favourite day of the week.. Friyay

What is your dream holiday destination is …Anywhere tropical and hot!

What is  your biggest ‘pinch me’ … have been many – most of them have been around my kids and of course its important to celebrate the business wins along the way

What is the best advice you have ever received ….don’t expect to make money for the first 5 years! (Thanks to my hubby for keeping it real.)

Art Hide rug-05

Visit the websites here: Arthide & Amigos De Hoy to shop up a storm for your own home.

What do you think of the range ?


Art Hide & Amigos De Hoy 2016 New Releases. Styling Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors, Assist Noel Coughlan, NC Interiors ,The Simple Collective, Alice Atkins. Pic by Annette O’Brien.

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